"Dagon has fallen"* (see definitions) an example of worshiping a god that is not The GOD of Heaven. BELIEVE OR NOT, THERE IS A HEAVEN AND HELL, and it is not only the disappointments, Miseries that we may encounter upon this earth; A rattle snake usually warns you if you approach his territory, some animals growl; but the EVIL ONE (THE DEVIL and his fallen Aints) will not give you that Courtesy. He comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy, if you submit an application to him, he guarantees an address in eternal damnation. Many people are rolling the hades dice through ignorance (Lack of Knowledge), stubborness (a refusal to accept sound doctrine), itching ears (IITimothy 4:3), (false Preaching, Teaching), sharing their professed altar with Dagon (Judges 16:23), (ISam 5:1-5). Obviously, God is not pleased with that, He said, "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 1:6).


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Why a great image troubled the mind of a king that was ordained to oppressed the people of God and was willing to kill many people if interpretation was not found. God gave the interpretaton to one of His prophets Daniel after he prayed with the brethen. He spoke to the king and told him that there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Neb-u-chad-nez-zar. What shall be in the latter days.....(Dan. 2:28-45).

This great statue of a man described in the second chapter of Daniel represents history, the present time and the future as follows:


Nebuchadnezzar (606 BC) (Gold)- represents the head of the Babylonian Empire. (Dan. 2:28-31, 32-38), Prophecy fulfilled.

MEDES and PERSIANS (539 BC) (SILVER)-(TWO ARMS)- represents dual kingdoms, which also includes the shoulders and chest (Dan. 2:32,39; 8:3-4, 20; 10:20; 11:2). Prophecy fulfilled.

THE GREEK EMPIRE (336) (BRASS) (BELLY AND  THIGHS)- Alexander the Great, when he died (323) his four general's divided the Conquests. Thrace, Western Antolla Syria, and Egypt. Fighting continued for over a hundred years. (Daniel 2:32, 39; 7:6; 8:5-8; 10:20; 11:2; 8:8-12). Prophecy fulfilled.

THE ROMAN REPUBLIC AND EMPIRE (196 BC) (IRON LEGS UNITED)- The abdomen and upper thighs (Dan. 2:40) Prophecy fulfilled.

ROME WAS DIVIDED INTO EMPIRES (300BC) (IRON LEGS DIVIDED)- Western and Eastern, The Roman Republic and Empire, and the Empire divided into East and West as Emperor Constantine decreed that Christianity was to be legalized in 313 A.D. The division of the Empire by Diocletian's Edict into the two legs which represents the eastern Greek Orthodox and the western (Catholic, then Protestant Divisions) (Dan. 2:33, 40) 476 A.D. fall of W.Empire, 1453 A.D. fall of E. Empire (Dan. 2:41). European Nations: Lawlessness (Dan. 2:34, 41-43), Modern History and today (Dan. 7:19-28), End times (IRON & CLAY) (Dan. 2:34-35, 41-35).


EUROPEAN CONFEDERACY)  (Rev. 17:12-14, 16-18; 18:2,9).

The toes represents the modern current times of the division of the Roman Empire- The (European) ten nations that are talked about in the Books of Revelations and in other places in biblical prophecy.

When we search the scriptures, the spirit of God will always reveal His everlasting word and will confirm His prophecy through whomever or whatever method He chooses.

The world is currently at the aforementioned TEN TOES, PRAY that The God of our salvation WILL STAY (until our names are written in the book of life) the angels that He has appointed to pour out their WRATH UPON THE EARTH (Dan. 4:35, Rev. 6:17).